Walk For Freedom

Athein & Zaw Min Htwe will march 3,000 Miles from Portland,Oregon to New York UN office at 1st March 2008

Day 14 and 15 News Update 310 miles in 15 days

Day 14

Athein and Zaw Min Htwe arrived at North Powder at 6:30pm, they walked 25 miles from La Grande city.

Day 15

They left from North Powder Town in the morning at 7am, East and South direction 20 miles to Baker city. This afternoon former A.B.S.D.F brothers visited Athein and Zaw Min Htwe. They provided food and funds for their next steps, also Zaw Min Htwe’s parents drove 9 hours from Porland to visit him.

Tonight they will rest at Baker city and tomorrow they will protest in Baker city on their off from walking.

Their aims for protest are:

  • Free political prisoners in Burma
  • Free Aung San Suu Kyi
  • Ceasefire between states and military government
  • Change Democracy political system in Burma
  • Human rights in Burma.

The demonstration will start at Baker city at 10 AM in the morning also they will display all the image posters and signs on the highway 84.

Daily marching images will be posted in a short time.

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  1. Human right in Burma

    The Land Without Evil-Massacre inside Karen State

    hope many ppl turn up in Baker and salute for walking during weather like this,hardcore…
    stay safe

    Comment by jud | March 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. “10 AM in the morning on Baker city” aha? ooops I missed it… next week I’ll be there… 😉

    I hope you attracted lots of public, best wishes to both of you… take care of you now… The weather looked good as long the snow and rain is out of the Walk, it should be a great progress. Hugs to both…

    Comment by Jeg | March 17, 2008 | Reply

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