Walk For Freedom

Athein & Zaw Min Htwe will march 3,000 Miles from Portland,Oregon to New York UN office at 1st March 2008

Day 39, Wyoming State,USA -The latest news of Athein and Zaw min Htwe

Two of our 88 students generation Ko Athein and Ko Zaw Min Htwe peaceful carrying Petition for the Freedom and Liberty of Burma to send to International United security council office, before August 2008 by walking across US main land . They started walking on 1st March from Portland city Oregon state, day 19 they reached Idaho and Oregon border , Day 29 they reached to Utah state and Idaho border . Day 31 Burmese community invited to Salt lake city Utah state. Day 32to 36 they walked from Snow Ville to Wyoming border 36 days of walking . Today they crossed Wyoming border and headed to Green River , Wyoming state.

Their walking will be slow down because of Athein’s health problem happened from the last two days , every single day they are getting cold weather. Tomorrow they will stop walking and Athein has to check with the doctor for his breathing problem , the latest call from his call he has hardly to breaths condition and he said it was the first time happened in his life and he thought it might be cold weather and his smoking, also long day walking by body getting weak. Daily images saved every day but we have some problems with unable to published on Blog , we will try post every day of walking or events news .


April 9, 2008 - Posted by | Protests

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  1. Athien! No more cigarrettes. Use the patches I gave you or get more. Sounds like you might have asthma. Make sure you listen to what the doctor says.

    I will try to get a hold of you soon on phone. Hopefully your reception is better.

    You’d be so happy to see the protests following the Olympic torch.

    Comment by jurissah | April 10, 2008 | Reply

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