Walk For Freedom

Athein & Zaw Min Htwe will march 3,000 Miles from Portland,Oregon to New York UN office at 1st March 2008

5th July 08 update

If you can’t see Burmese font you can down load beside of our blog .

ယေန ့ N.C.G.U.B မွ ေဒါက္တာစိန္၀င္း ၃၀၀၀ မိုင္ ၈၈ စစ္ေၾကာင္းအားလာေရာက္ေတြ ့ ဆံုအားေပးသြားပါသည္။

We thanks to May Bamar comment .

To all the news channels:

  1. I am writing to you to share this moving story of two fellow Burmese expatriates walking across the US to bring attention to our country, Burma. They left their adopted home in Portland, Oregon on March 1st to bring a petition to the UN secretary, asking for assistance for the Burmese people. They hope to arrive in New York in August for the anniversary of our 8-8-1988 uprising, when thousands of peacefully protesting Burmese people were gunned down in the streets (this was portrayed in the movie, Beyond Rangoon). When they first started out this journey, they didn’t have many supporters. Many doubted that they could even achieve what they have so far, but they are still going strong and are gathering supporters every day. It is now going on three months since their journey began and the men have shown no sign of slowing down. They kept up their promise to their country and its people, to use their freedoms to support the Burmese people, who have none. They have just now passed the border of Iowa into Illinois, and they will stop in Chicago to participate in a demonstration in front of Chinese consulate office, condemning the Chinese support of the military junta in Burma, that so violently suppresses its people and forces the victims of cyclone Nargis to suffer and starve.

    I want to let you know that they are heading your way, to New York City and no one on their route knows what the men are doing or why they are walking on the side of the highway holding an American flag and a flag of the flying peacock (the flag of the National League for Democracy and Aung San Suu Kyi). Many common American citizens have been curious enough to stop and asked questions. Some showed them their support but most drive past them and forgot what they saw. Others were inspired enough to visit their web site and leave comments.

    Please go to their website that has a lot of images of their journey and share their story with the rest of the country. It is a good human interest story that is relevant to many people, given the news about the cyclone Nargis and the recent crackdown on the peaceful monks who were protesting. For many Americans, the depravity and evilness of the military junta is beyond belief – but it is true! Our country had suffered a lot. With the recent natural disaster, we now know what the military can do to help save the people, yet they do nothing except scheme of ways to profit from the outpouring of international aid. Our people are being left there to starve to death. Many unnecessary lives are being lost due to lack of aid, especially children. What would you do if it were your own country and your fellow citizens of the US? Well… it may be unimaginable to you, but for me, it is all too real, and I feel I must step up to do something to bring the attention to the world. Please visit the website below and make contact with Athein, one the two men on the march to show your support. American people need to see their courage and their devotation to our country.

    Contact Athein today on his cell at 971 285 7399. I am sure he will gladly talk to you to so you can share with the rest of the country.

    Comment by May Bamar | July 5,2008 <!– @ 1:14 pm –> |


July 5, 2008 - Posted by | Protests

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